The Epidemic Macro Model Database (Epi-MMB) is launched

The Epi-Macro MMB is a new resource for researchers and policy analysts who want to assess macroeconomic and health impact of epidemics and appropriate policy measures. The database developed by Mathias Trabandt, Volker Wieland and the IMFS team features more than 20 models at the start and will be expanded.

For each model a short summary and the replication code to download are available at Thus, different scenarios can be applied.

Volker Wieland and his team have already developed the "Macroeconomic Model Data Base" (MMB,, which includes more than 150 macroeconomic models where researchers can share formulas and codes of their models and also reproduce the calculations of other researchers.

Mathias Trabandt is a Professor of Macroeconomics at Goethe University, Volker Wieland holds the Endowed Chair of Monetary Economics and is Managing Director at the IMFS. Currently, Alexander Dück, Clara Lindemann, Anh H. Le, KaiLong Liu, Sirikorn Puangjit and Niko Telia form part of the MMB team.

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