Faculty of Economics and Business again with excellent results in CHE university ranking

CHE Ranking Seal

The Faculty of Economics and Business has again achieved excellent results in this year's edition of the CHE University Ranking and was able to increase significantly the number of placements in the top range, compared to 2020. In comparison to other universities / faculties, students of the Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration particularly value the general study conditions, the range of courses, the spatial as well as the IT infrastructure, the digital teaching elements, and the career support. The fact that students graduate in a reasonable amount of time and the support offered for a semester abroad are also perceived positively.

Every three years, CHE collects information on the study conditions in economics / business administration at German universities. First, facts about the respective faculties are compiled and then students and professors are surveyed via questionnaires. Based on the results, the universities / faculties are ranked in the top, middle or bottom range in the individual categories. A new feature this year is the use of a 5-star scale for the presentation of student ratings. In the portal "HeyStudium", prospective students can then create their own ranking according to their personal preferences. Thus, the CHE ranking is an important decision-making tool for prospective students when choosing a place to study.

The results of the ranking can be accessed via the following link: here. The updated results of the master survey will be published later, probably in fall / winter 2023.