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Offers regarding "Inklusive Hochschule" / inclusion

On this page you will find a selection of internal and external offers. If you know about further programs, offers or networks that should be listed here, please feel free to write an e-mail to lstoffel[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de or gleichstellungsratfb02[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de.

Description: The exchange meeting addresses all interested students with health impairments or disabilities. Here, you can get to know each other, meet fellow students and network. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: barrierefrei[at]uni-frankfurt[dot]de

Further information (in German): here

Contact: barrierefrei[at]uni-frankfurt[dot]de

Description: Students with health restrictions or disabilities usually have to deal with other obstacles in addition to the usual challenges of their studies. The same applies to students who have special family responsibilities. In order to prevent such impairments and the resulting additional hurdles from having an unjustified effect on the success of the examination, there is the possibility of disadvantage compensation during exams (examination modification): Equal opportunities are to be created between examinees with and without impairment. In some cases, disadvantage compensation makes it possible for the affected students to take part in examinations and to prove their skills. The regulations on disadvantage compensation apply in particular to physically and sensory handicapped persons, persons with a serious (chronic) physical or mental illness and, under certain circumstances, dyslexics (in the case of a clinical diagnosis). In the case of certain particularly stressful family situations (e.g. child-rearing, pregnancy) or in the case of care responsibility, there might also be the possibility of disadvantage compensation. In the case of disadvantage compensation, the following principle applies: the content and professional level of an examination may not be changed; the examination form is adapted. Students from all degree programmes at Goethe University can apply for disadvantage compensation.

Further information: here (Examination Office Faculty of Economics and Business), here (general information)

Description: The project "Eine Hochschule für alle" aims at developing a new procedure for applying for disadvantage compensation. At the beginning of the studies and after consultation with the responsible institutions all disadvantage compensation and other support services are documented in an individual support plan. This plan is handed over to the student in an interview. The student thus has certainty as to which support services will be provided in the long term. Additionally, this helps the examination offices as well as the lectureres to reduce their workload. The new method is currently being tested at the following faculties: Economics and Business, Educational Sciences and Physics.

Further information: here

Contact: Christina Rahn, rahn[at]em.uni-frankfurt[dot]de

Description: For the duration of a semester free coachings and trainings are offered to students, a career plan will be developed and "speed matchings" as well as job shadowings will be organised together with the university. Students and future academics with chronic diseases / disabilities can apply for this program.

Further information (e.g. application deadlines): here

Description: A new app enables hearing-impaired people to actively participate in university events. Using a QR code and a WIFI connection, the app enables live transmission of the audio to the user's smartphone or other terminal device. Headphones or personal listening devices can be used to play the audio. Privacy requirements are ensured by the secure use of the application.

Further information: here (German version only)

Contact: Leitung-mt[at]rz.uni-frankfurt[dot]de