Offers regarding Gender Equality

On this page you will find a selection of internal and external offers. If you know about further programs, offers or networks that should be listed here, please feel free to write an e-mail to lstoffel[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de or gleichstellungsratfb02[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de.

Please note that some of the listed offers are organised by the Faculty Equal Opportunities Council. For more offers on the Faculty Equal Opportunities Council, please also consult the other sub-pages (e.g. "International").

Description: Security escort ("Begleitservice")
Under the number 069/798-32250 you can request a security escort who accompanies you to buildings, vehicles or to the exits. 

Further information / contact: here ("Begleitservice"), Informationen nach sexuellen Übergriffen auf dem Campus Westend (German version), Phone: 069 79832250, Flyer "Sicher über den Campus" (German version)

Description: Since January 2017, the project "Mentoring Hessen" has combined various mentoring programs. It is aimed at four different funding lines for female MINT students, doctoral candidates and postdocs in the professional orientation phase or after the decision for an academic career. It also addresses female scientists who aspire a professorship. In addition to the mentoring concept, the funding line offers regular events and workshops that are adapted to the needs of the various career steps. Further information on the project and the comprehensive range of services can be found here.

Further information: here

Contact: Phone: 069 79849731, e-mail: info[at]mentoringhessen[dot]de


The new mentoring program at the Faculty of Economics and Business has been established for female doctoral candidates who are in the early phase of their dissertation. The mentors are mainly professors from German universities who work in the same field / subject area as their mentees.

Next round of the program currently in preparation.

Contact: Lukas Stoffel (lstoffel[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de)

Description: For a successful scientific career, additional skills are becoming increasingly important in addition to professional qualifications. The Career Support – Training for Female Scientists* programme offered by the Equal Opportunities Office supports them on their career path and is tailored to the specific needs of PostDocs (R2 and R3). These trainings are measures designed to counteract the structural disadvantages of women* in the field of science.

Upcoming events: "Rules of the game in academia (February 19, 2024)

Further information: here

Contact: Equal Opportunities Office (Gleichstellungsbüro), gleichstellungsbuero[at]uni-frankfurt[dot]de, phone: +49 69 798-15137


  • You are a female student at the Faculty of Economics and Business?
  • You are interested in a career in academia?
  • Or you are not sure if a career in academia would be a suitable option for you?
  • You would like to know more about the daily routines of a (female) professor?

During a so-called "Kamingespräch" with a limited number of participants and together with two female professors (internal and / or external from Goethe University) you will get the answers to your questions.

The latest event took place on December 7, 2023.

Further information: Flyer

Registration and contact: wissenschaftlichekarriere[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de

Description: In regular intervals, there is a meeting for all female doctoral students in a casual setting, which gives the opportunity to exchange ideas outside the office and to network with each other in the department. For example, the participants can exchange ideas on the process of their dissertation, possible development programs, funding and many other topics. The "Doktorandinnen-Stammtisch" takes place twice a year, on the first Monday in May and November. The location of the meeting will be announced in advance. If you are interested in participating in the "Doktorandinnen-Stammtisch", please contact: Jule Hangen (Phone: -34684).

Contact: Gleichstellungsrat, FB 02 - Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Jule Hangen (Phone: -34684)

Description: Meanwhile, there are different networks focusing on the exchange among (young) female reasearchers. Often there also are workshops and events aiming at the promotion of women on different career paths.

A special network for female researchers in economics and business at universities is „efas – economy, feminism and science“.

Further information: i.a. here

Description: Ph.D. students from our faculty talk about their research projects, their daily work and explain why they decided to pursue a Ph.D. Also, there will be an opportunity for individual questions / exchange.  The latest event took place on December 13, 2022. Further information here.

For whom: Female (master) students at the Faculty of Economics and Business

Contact / registration: lstoffel[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de

Description: "WUMAN? This is a network for FLINTA scientists / researchers. We focus on topics regarding equality and diversity and advocate for equal opportunities in the context of higher education policy. We want to connect scientists / researchers on an interdisciplinary level, enable a low-threshold exchange of information and help shape the universities of tomorrow! Since 2021, Prof. h.c. Jutta Allmendinger supports our goals as a patron ("Schirmherrin") of our network."

Further information: here

Further information: here