MSQ Programs: Economics, Finance, Accounting, and Marketing

© Lars Gruber

The MSQ Program with Tracks in Economics, Finance, Accounting, and Marketing is unique in that it bridges between a professional Master program and a Ph.D. program: The MSQ Program's structure enables first-year students to participate in the same set of analytically rigorous and quantitatively oriented courses that are taken by first-year GSEFM Ph.D. Program students. In fact, students who successfully complete the first-year courses as well as end-of-first-year qualifying examinations have the option to join the GSEFM Ph.D. Program corresponding to the track of first-year courses they have been enrolled in. Alternately, second-year MSQ Program students have the option to enroll in courses with a strong emphasis on policy and implementation issues. This flexibility of the program's structure should be appealing to students who at the beginning of their graduate studies would like to preserve the option of either engaging in frontier research in economics, finance, management, marketing, or law and economics, or of preparing themselves for a professional career outside academia, serving as experts in international institutions, government, or the private sector.

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