Representatives ot the decentralized Gender Equality Council

On June 28th, 2018, the Gender Equality Council of Faculty 02 was last elected. It currently consist of 9 women which represent the following status groups of the university: professors, research assistants and administrative-technical staff.

Our central task is the promotion and support of women in the faculty. Current figures from the Gleichstellungsmonitors show a significant decline in the proportion of women pursuing an academic career. While women acquire 42% of Bachelor's and 43% of Master's degrees at the Faculty, they represent only 34% of the students within doctoral programs. Of particular concern, here, is the current trend in the research assistant positions: In 2012, 36% of research assistants were female, compared to only 30% in 2016. The proportion of female professors in the department is 16%, so that women are also strongly underrepresented here.

We have focused on increasing the visibility of women in the faculty as well as the development of early support measures for women. We represent the Central Equal Opportunity Office in faculty affairs, in appointing members to appointment committees and we are involved in recruitment procedures. Moreover, we are actively participating in several committees, e.g. Faculty Council, meeting of equal opportunity officers and Equal Opportunity Council of Goethe University.

If you have any questions or suggestions about these topics, the members of the Equal Opportunity Council are available at the e-mail address: mailto:Gleichstellungsratfb02[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de



Representatives of Professors:
Anna Rohlfing-BastianProfessor for Accounting, especially Management Accounting
Sara BormannProfessor for Accounting, especially Management Control
Ju-Young KimProfessor for Quantitative Marketing
Simone WiesProfessor for Marketing


Representatives of Research Assistants:

Jule HangenChair of Business Education, especially Teaching-Learning Research
Christin Siegfried

Chair for Business Education, especially Teaching-Learning Research


Representatives of Administrative-technical staff:
Inga BuschmannChair of Applied Econometrics and International Economic Policy  / Vietnamese-German-University (VGU)
Doreen GüntherDirector SSIX Student Services


Representatives of Students:

not present