Evaluation of teaching

The evaluation of courses by our students is an important instrument for quality assurance and is one way of providing our lecturers with comprehensive feedback on their courses.
The Faculty of Economics and Business principally evaluates every course.

In the winter term 2019/20 evaluations were conducted in the following categories:

Bachelor Foundation111.824
Bachelor Specialisation (Small groups)42800
Bachelor Specialisation (Lecture)15774
Master (Small groups)44661
Master (Lecture)12687
Business language courses25242

Winners of the teaching evaluation

Below you will find the winners of the teaching evaluation in the respective category in recent years.

Winter 19/20Prof. Dr. Uwe HasslerStatistics
Summer 19Prof. Dr. Andreas HackethalFinance 2
Winter 18/19Prof. Michael Binder, Ph.D.Macroeconomics 1
Summer 18Prof. Dr. Andreas HackethalFinance 2
Winter 17/18Prof. Dr. Andreas HackethalFinance 2
Prof. Michael Binder, Ph.D.Macroeconomics 1
Summer 17Prof. Dr. Jan LandwehrMarketing 1
Winter 16/17Prof. Dr. Andreas HackethalFinance 2
Summer 16Prof. Dr. Jan LandwehrMarketing 1
Winter 15/16Prof. Dr. Jan LandwehrMarketing 1
Summer 15Prof. Dr. Andreas HackethalFinance 2
Winter 14/15Prof. Dr. Andreas HackethalFinance 2
Summer 14

Prof. Dr. Jan LandwehrMarketing 1
Dr. Andrej Gill / Prof. Dr. Nick ZubanovManagement
Prof. Dr. Andreas HackethalFinance 2
Winter 19/20Jun. Prof. Dr. Marc CrummenerlSEMF:CERT
Dr. Dr. Helmut HesseWPMA:DJZE
Summer 19Dr. Vanja HorneffWPMF:INMB
Prof. Dr. Yvonne ThorhauerWPMA:MOMA
Winter 18/19Hon. Prof. Dr. Martin SchmidbergerWPMM:EKPE
Summer 18

Eva KoscherWPMM:CRSM
Prof. Dr. Tatjana NikitinaWPMA:MOMA
Prof. Dr. Yvonne ThorhauerWPMA:EFRF
Winter 17/18Dr. Lars Pilz / Marko-René SusnikSEME:JLEU
Prof. Dr. Laurent GuihèryWPMM:ETPO
Summer 17

Prof. Dr. Matthias BlonskiSEMM:MIFA
Prof. Michael Haliassos, Ph.D.SEMF:THFI
Prof. Dr. Helmut NiegemannSEMW:DIBB
Prof. Dr. Alfons WeichenriederWPME:UNRE
Prof. Mirko Wiederholt, Ph.D.WPME:BCT2
Winter 16/17Dr. Jan ViebigWPMF:DHSR
Summer 16Dr. Martin SchmidtbergerWPMM:GEKA
Winter 15/16Dr. Daniel WorretSEMF:IRUÜ
Summer 15Prof. Dr. Bertram SchefoldSEME:WKON
Winter 14/15Dr. Lars Pilz / Marko-René SusnikSEME:ACHE
Summer 14Prof. Dr. Bertram SchefoldWPMA:ÖWSP
Winter 19/20Prof. Dr. Jan LandwehrWPMM:EMAK
Summer 19Dr. Daniel KostyraWPMM:IAMA
Winter 18/19Jun. Prof. Dr. Klaus MillerWPMM:PING
Summer 18Prof. Guido Friebel, Ph.D.WPMM:MOPF
Winter 17/18Prof. Dr. Oliver HinzWPMM:DIBU
Hon.-Prof. Dr. Martin SchmidbergerWPMM:SIRB
Summer 17

Prof. Guido Friebel, Ph.D.WPMM:MOPF
Gunther Ruppel / Ina HerderWPMF:UDRL
Prof. Dr. Lars SchweizerSEMM:MAPI
Winter 16/17Dr. Lars Pilz / Marko-René SusnikSEME:EUUN
Summer 16Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jochen ReinerPMAR
Winter 15/16Dr. Jan ViebigWMPF:DHSR
Summer 15Dr. Yvonne ThorhauerWPMA:VEUN
Winter 14/15Gunther Ruppel / Ina HerderWPMF:UDRL
Summer 14Dr. Michael ScheelWPMF:GBST
Winter 19/20Dr. Matthias ZieschangZIE1:W20
Summer 19Prof. Dr. Carolin FleischmannSICM
Winter 18/19

Prof. Dr. Rainer KlumpKLU1:W19
Prof. Dr. Christian SchlagDER3
Prof. Dr. Mark WahrenburgMEAC
Summer 18Prof. Dr. Florian MorathMOR1:S18
Winter 17/18Dr. Sönke BästleinBAE1:W18
Prof. Dr. Mark WahrenburgBRMF
Summer 17Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim BöckingBOE1:S17
Hon.-Prof. Dr. Jan ViebigVIE1:S17
Winter 16/17

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang KönigKOE1:W17
Stefan MayerMAIR
Prof. Dr. Helmut NiegemannNIG1:W17
Summer 16Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim BöckingBOE1:S16
Winter 15/16Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim BöckingBOE1:W16
Summer 15Prof. Dr. Michael HommelHOM1:S15
Winter 14/15Prof. Dr. Jannis BischofBIS1:W15
Summer 14Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim BöckingBOE2:S14
Prof. Michael Haliassos, Ph.D.HAL1:S14
Winter 19/20Daniel RufCREF
Summer 19Prof. Dr. Alexander HillertABFI
Winter 18/19Prof. Dr. Jan LandwehrCOIN
Summer 18Jun.-Prof. Dr. Evert de HaanDIMA
Winter 17/18Dr. Julian ThimmeAEAP
Summer 17

Prof. Dr. Holger KraftCRRI
Prof. Dr. Mark Wahrenburg / Jan WeidnerMEAC
Winter 16/17Prof. Dr. Jan LandwehrCOIN
Summer 16Prof. Dr. Mark Wahrenburg / Jan WeidnerMEAC
Winter 15/16

Prof. Dr. Jan LandwehrCOIN
Prof. Dr. Ferdinand von SiemensFMIC
Summer 15Gabriele EickCMOF
Winter 14/15Prof. Dr. Peter GomberEFN1
Summer 14Dr. Norbert MetiuFSTA