Examination Policies and Procedures

Allocation of Lecture Halls Through The Matriculation Number

You will be allocated to a lecture hall by your student ID number in advance. This allocation is binding and unchangeable.

You can find out which lecture hall you are allocated to via the QIS System a few days before the start of the examination period.

Examination Procedure

The invigilators will verify the identity of the participants of the exam through checking the valid Goethe-Card before the exam starts.

Please ensure your mobile phone is switched off and you use a pen as stipulated! Please read the exam instruction carefully!

After finishing the exam, participants are to remain seated until the exam papers are collected and counted.

After the exam papers are considered to be complete, participants have to stay on their seat and acknowledge through a second signature that their paper was received.

In the case that an exam paper is missing,the person concerned will be identified through the signature list.

You are only allowed to leave the examination room after submitting the second signature.

If one of these signatures is missing you have no evidence, that you took part in the examination, therefore it is in your interest to give both signatures.

For more detailed information on examination procedures please see the instruction sheet for course-related examinations.

Scheduling Conflict of Examinations

Please contact the respective department directly in advance. You require approval that the according exam can be written either prior or subsequently (that is to say instantly before or immediately after) the exam in question.

A member of the department has to agree to collect you from the previous examination, to offer you a "space for writing" and to supervise you during the exam. It is at the disgression of the department whether it agrees to this solution.

In Case of Illness

Should you fall ill during the examination period, please refer to our  "Instruction sheet for procedure in case of illness (or other withdrawals)" and the information provided in our FAQ section.