ACQUIN System Accreditation

Goethe University is the first university in Hessen as well as one of the few full universities in Germany to successfully complete the system accreditation process unconditionally through the non-profit accreditation agency ACQUIN and was granted system accreditation in March 2016. From now on it can independently decide to introduce and extend degree programs without the involvement of external accreditation agencies.

The system accreditation certifies that Goethe University’s quality assurance system for programs and teaching meet the goals and standards for quality of its degree programs and can further develop them independently.  The system accreditation is limited to six years until 2022. The accreditation agency ACQUIN is a non-profit organization headquartered in Bayreuth of which numerous European universities are members.

Goethe University has been systematically building up its quality assurance system for programs and teaching in line with its agreement on objectives with the state of Hessen since 2012. It follows a concept of quality that places significant value on dialogue and the participation of all relevant actors, particularly students, while granting the faculties a high degree of accountability.

The system accreditation was preceded by a period of preparation of over three years, which was accompanied by a major internal discussion about programs and teaching. The unconditional accreditation demonstrates that these participatory communication structures have proved themselves and that the new quality assurance system is supported by all groups at the university.

The following degree programs at the Faculty of Economics and Business have been accredited under the system accreditation:

Degree Program(Re-)accredited until
B.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration30.09.2029
B.Sc. in Business Education30.09.2029
Bachelor Minor in Business Administration30.09.2029
Bachelor Minor in Economics30.09.2029
M.Sc. Betriebswirtschaftslehre31.03.2024
M.Sc. Management31.03.2024
M.Sc. International Economics and Economic Policy 31.03.2024
M.Sc. Money and Finance 31.03.2024
M.Sc. Wirtschaftspädagogik (german link)
M.Sc. in Quantitative Science30.09.2029


Further information on the system accreditation can be found here.