Deadlines (Version 01.04.2019)

Each semester, you have to register for your exams generally via the QIS web portal within the applicable deadline.

For certain modules, a two-stage allocation and registration procedure applies.
Rule of thumb:

  • End date allocation procedure: on Friday, 10 days before the lecture period starts.
  • Start date registration procedure: on Thursday, 4 days before the lecture period starts.

Semester dates and lecture period

Please check carefully the information about the registration procedures and applying deadlines for each module in the LSF course catalogue.

The Retake exams are not included in the LSF Course catalog. Retake deadlines and dates you find here: Retakes of Bachelor Orientation Modules and Master Fundamental Modules

Please note:
Before you register for your first exam, you have to apply for admission to the Bachelor's examination or the Master's examination at the examination office once at the beginning of your studies. The application form admission will be handed out in the welcome event and is available at, too. Before that, you are not entitled to register for exams.