Exam Registration via QIS

Registering Exams via QIS/LSF

You can register for your exams via QIS/LSF at http://go.uni-frankfurt.de  during the registration period.

An instruction for the exam registration and withdrawal you can find here in German.

Important notice. Please read carefully!

Exam registrations and withdrawals are only valid in conjunction with the exam report “Info on registered exams” and its signature file. In doubtful cases these files serve as proof of authenticity for your successful exam registration / withdrawal.

Login / Password

In the QIS system, you can not only register for exams but also view your exam results, edit your address and set up the forwarding of your e-mails.

To use QIS you require your HRZ-account (login/user name and password) and your i-Tans (pin numbers). Should you not have received the letters containing your acount details, your personal password as well as your i-Tans, please contact the computing centre.

Lost Password/ iTan-List

You can request a new password or i-Tan-list at the computing centre. Please note that these documents can only be picked up in person (on presentation of valid photo-Id)

Problems with QIS/LSF

If you have any problems or find discrepancies with your transaction please contact the exam office immediately and within the registration period. Please report any problems by sending a screenshot of the error message via e-mail.

(Instruction Screenshot: Press the "Druck/S-Abf" (print screen) key. Open a new word document and choose “paste”)