Degree Certificates

Degree Certificate for Bachelor of Science / Subsidiary Subject / Master of Science

The degree certificates will only be issued upon request once you have completed all required examinations.

Duplicated Version of Bachelor Degree Cetificate, of Master Degree Certificate or of Diploma Certificate 

In case you lost your certificate you can request a duplicated version. For the issue of a Duplicate Certificate a fee of 55€ is charged (according to VwKostO-MWK). Please enclose the proof of payment (receipt) over 55€ to the underneath mentioned bank account to your informal request.

Diploma (Duplicate Version or English Copy)

For the issue of an English Copy of your Diploma Certificate a fee of 100€ is charged. You may only request an English Copy of your Degree Certificate if you have studied according to the examination regulations dated June 19, 2002.
Please enclose the proof of payment (receipt) over 100€ to the underneath mentioned bank account to your informal request.
For an English copy of your degree certificate, please submit a proposal for the translation for your Seminar and Diploma Thesis Title(s).

Bank Account Details

For the fee for the duplicate version of the degree certificate (Bachelor, Master or Diploma) or the fee for the English Version of the Diploma Certfifcate please use the following bank account:

Konto-Nr./ Bank Account 1006 410
Bankleitzahl/ Sort Code: 500 500 00
Kreditinstitut/ Bank: Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen
IBAN: DE95 5005 0000 0001 006410
Betrag/ Amount:  see fees stated above

Kunden-Referenznummer/ Reference Number: P-Nr. 61020014 Duplicate Certificate
and your Student ID Number

Dispatch of Documents within Germany and abroad

We can send your transcripts oder degree documents by post if you provide us a self-addressed envelope. Alternatively, you can send us an internet stamp and your address by e-mail. 

For safety reasons, we recommend mailing by registered mail.

Please note: The dispatch of documents will be at your own risk.