Faculty Medal

The Faculty Medal acknowledges individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to teaching at the Faculty of Economics and Business. The honorees are united by a long-standing and lasting commitment to the faculty. Their continuous dedication toward students is an important guarantee for the high quality of the education offered by the faculty in the field of economics and business.

The Faculty Medal was awarded for the first time in 1964. Since then, it has been conferred on the following individuals:

2022 Prof. Dr. Wolfram Wrabetz
2018 Hans Zehnder
2017 WP StB Gunther Ruppel
2014 Dr. Werner Sinzig
2013 Dr. Helmut Mansch
2013 Dr. Eric Schott
2011 Staatssekretär Horst Westerfeld
2009 Dipl. Hdl. OSTDiR Helga Rothenberger
2009 Dipl. Hdl. OSTDiR Gerd-Alexander Portz
2009 Dipl. Hdl. OSTDiR Reinhold Adrian
2004 Prof. Dr. Dietrich Ohse
2002 Dr. Manfred Laux
2002 Prof. Dr. Arndt Raupach
1998 Prof. Dr. Sueo Ashikaga
1998 Herr German Olartieta
1993 Dr. Claus Köhler
1988 Dr. Hans-Jürgen Dörfel
1988 Dr. Rudolf Czermak
1988 Dipl.-Hdl. Hans Reusch
1988 Dr. Kurt Nahm
1984 Prof. Dr. Karl Abraham
1966 Prof. Dr. Karl Flaskämper
1964 Prof. Dr. Fritz Urbschat