There are a total of four separate economic Français Economique courses (A-B-C-D) within the scope of the Economic Français Economique Credit-point Courses.  Only one course (A or B or C or D) is offered on a rotating basis each semester.

According to the Common European Reference Framework on Languages (CEFR), the target of this course corresponds to level C1.1. The Business French course ‘Upper Intermediate’ provides a good preparation for this course. 

  • Bachelor students in their study year of consolidation and specialization (s. PO §9 paragraph 5).
  • Online enrolment for the chosen course and the qualifying test during the stipulated enrolment time (02.04.2024, 9am until 11.04.2024, 12pm). Enrolment is on a ‘first come first served basis’. After the online enrolment for French for Economists Credit-Point Courses has ended, a later e-mail enrolment is only possible for students of our Faculty who have in the past already successfully completed one of our French for Economists Credit-point Courses, and, of course, if there are any vacant places available on these courses.
  • A pass in the Bachelor Qualifying Test which takes place at the beginning of each semester, or a pass grade in the final examinations of a previous Bachelor Credit-Point Course in French for Economists.

FBCD: Corporate management and corporate finance (SS 2024)

Corporate strategies
Management and corporate structure
Entrepreneurial and corporate governance

Trainer: Marie Thevenin

Dates: Wed. 14:00 – 16:15, Start: 24.04.2024 (Qualifying Test on 17.04.2024), Room: see LSF!

FBCA: Environment of a company (WS 2024/25)

The environment of a company
The French economic system
Current challenges ( efficiency, digital companies, changes in the world of work)
French companies in the era of globalization

Trainer: Marie Thevenin

FBCB: Economic policy in France (SS 2025)

Targets and stakeholders of economic policy in France
Instruments of economic policy
Labour market policy
Social policy
Environmental policy

Trainer: Marie Thevenin

FBCC: Marketing – The company and its markets (WS 2025/26)

Who are the marketing managers of today?
Brands and brand management – New trends
Innovative marketing, Digital marketing
Communication, Social media marketing

Trainer: Marie Thevenin

Successful completion of a written exam of 120 minutes duration with oral exam and regular attendance.

Credit points: All participants receive 6 credit points (PO 2022) or 5 credit points (PO 2009) upon the successful completion of the economic French credit-point courses: French for Economists.

For each passed exam, an internal C1.1 certificate is awarded.