The Faculty Council deliberates matters of fundamental importance to the faculty (Section 44 Hessian Higher Education Act). Among other tasks, it is responsible for issuing study and examination regulations, for proposals related to the introduction and discontinuation of degree programs and for decisions on appointment proposals submitted by the appointment committees. The Faculty Council comprises seven professors, three students, two members of the academic staff and one member of the administrative/technical staff. 

The acting dean presides over the Faculty Council. Committee management is incumbent on the management of the Dean’s Office. Jule Hangen, as the representative of the Equal Opportunities Council, participates in an advisory capacity.


Term: 01.10.2022 to 30.09.2025
Dean Prof. Dr. Christian Schlag
Academic Dean Prof. Dr. Uwe Walz
Deputy Dean for Research Prof. Dr. Ferdinand von Siemens
Deputy Dean for Finance Prof. Dr. Holger Kraft
Deputy Dean for Study Matters Dr. Lars Pilz

Members of the Faculty Council

Term: 01.04.2023 to 31.03.2025 (Students: 01.04.2024 to 31.03.2025)
Member Deputy
Prof. Dr. Alexander Ludwig Prof. Dr. Rainer Klump
Prof. Dr. Ju-Young Kim Prof. Simone Wies, Ph.D.
Prof. Dr. Maik Schmeling Prof. Dr. Rainer Haselmann
Prof. Michael Haliassos, Ph.D. Prof. Dr. Leo Kaas
Prof. Dr. Anna Rohlfing-Bastian Prof. Dr. Katharina Hombach
Prof. Dr. Michael Kosfeld Prof. Dr. Ferdinand von Siemens
Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg Prof. Dr. Gerhard Minnameier
Research Assistants  
Dr. Dominik Hettich Hr. Tim Jonas Bonowski
Hr. Lazaros Papadopoulos Fr. Leah Matzner
Administrative Staff  
Fr. Jutta Preußler Fr. Gisela Heichele
Hr. Paul Heinrich Fr. Sabine Richter
Hr. Noah Drischmann Hr. Thomas Schmidt-Isermann
Hr. Markus Spitzner Hr. Lukas Krepold

Members of the Examination Board

Member Deputy
Prof. Dr. Uwe Walz (Studiendekan) Prof. Dr. Eveline Wuttke
Prof. Dr. Eveline Wuttke Prof. Daniel Gutknecht, Ph.D.
Prof. Dr. Helmut Gründl Prof. Dr. Peter Gomber
Prof. Dr. Cornelia Storz Prof. Dr. Alexander Meyer-Gohde
Research Assistants  
Hr. Micha Bender Hr. Philip Hey
Fr. Yasemin Gülsan Hr. Ruben Bieler
Hr. Anselm Göhring Hr. Johannes Dörfer

Members of the Doctoral Committee

Member Deputy
Prof. Dr. Christian Schlag -
Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg -
Prof. Dr. Matthias Blonski Prof. Dr. Eveline Wuttke
Prof. Ester Faia, Ph.D. Prof. Michael Binder, Ph.D.
Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg Prof. Dr. Alexander Ludwig
Prof. Dr. Bernd Skiera Prof. Dr. Michael Hommel
Research Assistants  
Fr. Sollfrank N.N.
Fr. Stein N.N.
Hr. Beil Hr. Kautz

Members of the Equal Opportunities Council

Term: From 01.07.2018 until further notice
Group Deputy
Professors Prof. Dr. Anna Rohlfing-Bastian
  Prof. Dr. Sara Bormann
  Prof. Dr. Ju-Young Kim
Research Assistants Fr. Jule Hangen
  Dr. Farina Weiss
  Dr. Christina Mihale-Wilson
Administrative Staff N.N.
  Fr. Doreen Günther
  Fr. Kristine Rach-Emma
Students N.N.