IT Service Center

The IT Service Center (ITSeC) is the faculty’s central contact point in all IT-related matters. Its services are open to the employees of the academic departments as well as the Dean’s Office.

Current Information

  • Applications such as Stata, IBM SPSS and Matlab are available on the virtual workstations. You can find further information here.
  • With BBB you can hold video conferences. You can find further information here.
  • Further information for digital teaching with Zoom can be found here. Frequently asked questions for digital teaching (Mediasite Desktop Recorder/OLAT) can be found here.
  • And you can check the Message of the Day and an up-to-date list of fraudulent emails here.


  • To be able to work from home, you need a working Internet connection. To access personal data and shared network drives, you also need a VPN connection to the Faculty of Economic and Business' network.
  • You can check your E-mails here:
  • For more information check FAQ point 4 „I would like to set up one of ITSec's services myself (VPN/E-mail/Network drive)".
  • To enable ITSec to support you in your home office on your private devices, you need the Teamviewer Quicksupport program.
  • Download for Microsoft Windows:
  • Download für Apple Mac:
  • Start the program and pass the information displayed to ITSec.
  • For MACs you may need to change settings for external remote maintenance. You can find here instructions on how to do this.