Studying Abroad

International study experience is often a cornerstone in one’s career path. Apart from gaining insight in foreign education systems and teaching traditions, you are able to improve your language and intercultural competencies.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration successfully supports students who wish to study a semester abroad. Towards this goal, the Faculty has founded its own International Office which manages constantly aims at establishing new partnerships with prestigious universities around the globe. The selected partnerships for each master’s program guarantee high compatibility with the respective program and a high study quality.

Students have the following options regarding exchange semesters:

In addition to semesters abroad students can also opt for:

Due to the study duration of four semesters, we suggest to plan your semester abroad during the third semester. An extension to the fourth semester might be possible upon request.

You can find more information on your possibilities to spend a semester abroad on the website of the Faculty’s International Office.

International Experience + Quantitative Skills

QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management) is an international network which brings together outstanding students, academic partners and international corporations. The network aims at expanding to more than 30 academic partners and more than 100 corporate partners worldwide over the coming years. QTEM focuses on developing skills in analytical and quantitative techniques to support decision-making in an international context. The QTEM Master exchange offers a unique learning experience with:

  • strong foundations in management or economics,
  • strong background in quantitative and analytical skills and techniques applied to management or economics,
  • strong international exposure through up to two semesters abroad at two renowned schools of Economics & Management from the network of Academic Partners,
  • immersion in the day-to-day work of highly-regarded companies through an internship.

QTEM was launched in 2012 with Goethe University as one of the five founding members.

Please visit our QTEM website for more information.