Each semester the best students of the following Master's programs with a grade of "very good" (grade point average from 1.0 to 1.5) are admitted to the so-called Dean's List of the department:

  • Master of Science in International Management
  • Master of Science in Money and Finance
  • Master of Science in International Economics and Economic Policy
  • Master of Science in Business Education

Admittance to the Dean’s List is based on the grade point average. It is calculated from the average of all grades from the entire course of study on hand at the respective evaluation date*, weighted according to the number of credit points (CP).

After the initial admission, one remains until on the Dean's List of the department until the master's degree is completed.

The following students are considered:

  • on the evaluation date 30.04.:
    all 1st semester students who have a minimum of 30 CPs
  • on the evaluation date 31.10.:
    all 2nd semester students who have a minimum of 60 CPs

In order to qualify for the Dean’s List, you need both the required GPA and the required number of credit points.

* Due to this cut-off date proofs of academic achievements from abroad, for which the recognition process is not completed until the deadline, will not be considered.