There is no final examination to complete your subsidiary studies. 

The sum of the module examinations make up your subsidiary subject examination (at least 60 CP in accordance with the Study Plan).

  • You have to submit the application for admission to the Examination Office once before you register for your first examination at the Faculty of Economics and Business.
  • You have to file this application once at the beginning of your studies (mind the deadline).
  • This application form will be handed out at the information event.
  • The application form is available online from the beginning of the semester. You can submit your application by post or drop it directly in the mailbox of the Examination Office (RUW, 1st floor - foyer).

Examinations normally take place in the first three weeks of the lecture-free period.

  • Each semester, you must register for each individual examination and usually via QIS/LSF using your HRZ account by the specified deadline. If you have any questions regarding your HRZ account, please contact the HRZ (University Computing Center) directly.
  • Withdrawal from single or all registered examinations is possible via QIS without giving a reason only within the registration periodstated.
  • You can find instructions on how to register and more information on the electronic administration of courses and examinations here.
  • You apply for semi electice modules with a restricted admission via a dual application process. Please check the registration procedures and deadlines for each module in the Course Catalog.

Information about retaking examinations

  • If you do not pass an examination, you can repeat it at the end of the following semester at the earliest. There is no retake examination in the same semester.
  • You will not be automatically registered for exams/the retake. 
    You are responsible for registering for the retake.

Regulations, deadlines, announcements

You are required to keep yourself regularly informed about the valid regulations and current deadlines and to note important announcements by checking your student emails, receiving RSS feeds and visiting the Faculty website and Course Catalog.

Completing your subsidiary studies:

Once you have successfully completed all the necessary modules, you have to fill out and sign the Application for Issuance of the Certificate of Completion of the Subsidiary Subject Exam and submit this to the Examination Office. You will receive notification per e-mail to your student e-mail ( once your documents are ready to be collected (usually 2-4 weeks).