Double Degree Master Program Paris Dauphine-PSL

The Faculty of Economics and Business offers a Double Degree Master Program with the partner University Paris Dauphine-PSL. This program is open to students of the study program "Master of Science in Money and Finance" (MMF). Participants will obtain two degrees, the Master of the Faculty of Economics and Business as well as the Master of the program “Economie et Finance” of the University Paris Dauphine-PSL.  With this double degree students will profit from a special qualification offering excellent chances at the international labour market.

Benjamin Gonzales, Student Double master degree Summer 2021
“My exchange semester at the PSL-Paris Dauphine University was one of my biggest highlights during my master's studies. Not only did I grow professionally and personally in a competitive university context, but I made memories that I will always recall with fondness.”

Remi Montagu, Student Double master degree Summer 2023
"My year in Frankfurt during the Master's program was an unforgettable chapter in my academic journey. Immersed in a large number of diverse experiences, I embraced learning German alongside engaging in enriching finance workshops at prestigious institutions. This program uniquely combined cultural immersion, language acquisition, and professional growth, making it the most beautiful and pivotal year after completing the first part of my studies in France."

The Double Degree Master Program ist designed to take 4 semesters. The 1. and the 2. semester correspond to the normal curriculum of the Master Program at the home institution. Students spend their 3. semester (winter term) in Paris und are enrolled in the Master study program "Economie et Finance". They can spend their 4. semester (summer term) either at University Paris Dauphine-PSL or in Frankfurt. During both semesters students from Frankfurt have to obtain 36 ECTS credits from courses of the French study program and 24 ECTS by writing a Master thesis.

The program is open to students of the Master Program "Master of Science in Money and Finance". There are 5 study places within the program.

Participants of the Double Master Program will receive a grant from the Erasmus+ Program.

The program is supported by Willy Robert Pitzer Foundation Bad Nauheim and ODDO BHF Foundation. Money for scholarships and intercultural education is available.

Please find the last call for applications for a program start in winter term 2024/25 and with application deadline 01.02.2024 here.


You are interested in the double degree master program and would like to contact us? In the following you will find the contact person of the program.

Director International Office
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