Prof. Dr. Christian Schlag
The Dean represents the faculty within the university. He nominates the remaining members of the Dean’s Office to the Faculty Council and decides on the division of responsibilities within the Dean’s Office. The Dean is also Chair of the Faculty Council. In cooperation with the management bodies of the faculty’s academic institutions, the Dean promotes and coordinates the implementation of research projects and works to ensure proper implementation of teaching and examination obligations. He also performs a supervisory function over the members of the faculty not assigned to an institution of the faculty in accordance with Section 32, Paragraph 3, Numbers 3 and 4 of the Higher Education Act of the State of Hesse ("Hessisches Hochschulgesetz, HHG"). 

Prof. Dr. Uwe Walz
The Academic Dean coordinates the planning and execution of the study programs offered, develops curricula for the study programs and prepares the faculty’s teaching report. He provides an academic advisory service and works together with lecturers and students to design a strategy to enhance and upgrade the study programs. The Academic Dean is head of the Examinations Board and works with the Deputy Dean for Study Matters.

Prof. Dr. Ferdinand von Siemens
The Deputy Dean for Research ensures that research has a very high priority at the Faculty of Business and Economics. In particular, he is involved in new appointments, the development of jointly supported quality standards and the awarding of research prizes and corresponding funding. In addition, he supports the coordination with the Vice President for Research (of Goethe University) and other departments in the further development of the research infrastructure.

Prof. Dr. Holger Kraft
The Deputy Dean for Finance is responsible for financial and personnel planning in the faculty. He drafts the guidelines for budget planning and allocation, prepares a medium-term financial plan and monitors the use of funds based on internal faculty controlling data, among other things.

Dr. Lars O. Pilz
The Deputy Dean for Study Matters is Deputy Academic Dean and the contact partner for students in the Academic Dean’s Office. He is also responsible for a range of processes for optimizing the academic environment in the faculty. He prepares decisions in the Examinations Board and is responsible for supervising accreditation processes in the faculty and implementing programs that promote education.