Making the right start

Below you will find our recommendations for a successful start to your subsidiary studies.

Mathematics plays an important role in Economics and Business Administration as subsidiary subjects. Therefore we recommend:

Attend the Information event for subsidiary students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, which usually takes place during the first week of lectures.

In case you are unable to attend the Information Event, please contact the Student Counselling.

Which modules should I take in the first semester?
In Appendix A of the Examination Regulations you will find the required modules to complete your subsidiary studies. Please see also notes regarding Study Plan.

What exactly does a module consist of?
At the Faculty of Economics and Business, a module usually consists of a lecture, an exercise and a tutorial. There is no need to register in order to attend the lectures, but this may be necessary for exercises and tutorials. If this is the case, you will be told at the first lecture and/or you will find the information in the Course Catalog (QIS/LSF).

Where do I find the dates and locations of events?
You will find all information on the courses (location, time, content, reading list etc.) in the Course Catalog. Simply click your way through the structure tree to find the desired course.

Please use your HRZ account to log in.
There you also register for examinations. For more information on exam registration, click here.

Where do I find the course materials?
You will find most materials (lecture notes, exercises, formula collections etc.) on the OLAT learning platform.
Instructions for enrolling in an OLAT course can be found in the tab „INSTRUCTIONS“.

For the module OBRW, the lectures provide you with a script. Please check „Fundamentals of Accounting“ to see, where you can receive it.

Goethe University provides every student with an own email address (

The Goethe University and the Examinations Office always contact you via this address.

Please read the emails of the account regularly!
Use your HRZ account to access your emails. Check your emails at:

The Faculty of Economics and Business advises against setting up a forwarding system and strongly recommends accessing emails directly on the Webmail server
Unfortunately, some email providers classify university emails as spam or even do not display them in a spam folder. This means you may not be aware that the University has contacted you.

Joining up with other students in study groups will help you to cope with the demands of your studies.

  • You can form learning groups with people you have met at your courses, or by posting some kind of notice to look for fellow students.
  • A maximum of three to six participants
  • You will find principles of productive study groups here:
  • The group work rooms in the Law and Economics Library are one possible meeting place for your study groups.
    In addition, the Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main provides space for study groups in the Casino Cafeteria (1st floor) and the Café Rotunde as well as an auditorium and the foyer in the Casino Annex on Campus Westend after their closing hours. This does not apply on days when the rooms are booked for events.
    You will find current opening hours of the individual facilities on the Studentenwerk website.

For any questions, you will find all the key contacts at the Faculty here.

In addition Study Compass gives you a good overview of Goethe University contacts and advisory services, information on campus life and student financing, plus helpful tools to support your learning.