Individual Advice

"What do I want to do?" - "Where do I want to go?" - "What am I able to accomplish?" - Did you already ask yourself these questions?
To get advice in answering these questions the German institution "Agentur für Arbeit" offers support regarding the practical orientation in your studies and your future career path:
Orientation and Perspectives

You would like to develop your individual profile and your professional orientation?
If you want to find out more about yourself, your personal abilities, strengths and interests you can find assistance in orientation and decision-making at Goethe University's career coaching:
Career Coaching

Do you have basic questions about structure and style of your written application?
At the Goethe University Career Service you will receive honest feedback on the first impression of your application documents.

The staff of the Goethe University, the “Agentur für Arbeit” and the Campusservice check your documents for completeness, clarity and structure. In addition, they help to optimize the wording and structure of your application. As part of the individual check, they also answer the following questions:

  • How do I write an attractive covering letter?
  • How do I assure a correspondence between a job description and my application documents?
  • How do I present my work experience in the application?
  • What are advantages / disadvantages of naming personal interests in the CV?

The open office hours and the possibility to make an appointment can be found here:
Check of Application Documents

You are an international student and looking for support regarding the application process in the German job market?
The International Career Service of Goethe-University offers several opportunities for workshops, presentations and advice:
International Career Service

You would like to get an overview about all events and opportunities of advice?
Take a look at the advisory calendar where you can also make an appointment for individual advice:
Advisory Calendar and Booking of Appointment

Do you have doubts about your studies? What to do? Who to ask?
The "Frankfurter Beratungsnetzwerk", where Goethe-University is participating, offers support and advisory. You can find information here:
Central Student Counseling
Frankfurter Beratungsnetzwerk