Institutions & Counselling

Do you have questions about the administration of your current or desired studies?
The Studies Service Center (SSC) is your contact for the administration of your student status. If you would like to apply / change your subject or would like to change your private address. Here is an overview of the most important services:

  • Application
  • Receipt of Goethe Card (Student Identity Card)
  • Semester dates
  • Renewal of matriculation
  • Double degree
  • Change of subject
  • Semester of leave
  • Removal from the register of students
  • Repayment of semester fee
  • For many concerns, you do not have to be present personally. You can easily and conveniently handle them by mail or via the SSC Online Portal:

Are you already studying as an international student in Frankfurt or will you come here soon for your studies?
You will find detailed information about studying and living in Frankfurt at the International Office of Goethe University:

There is advisory for several subjects:

We especially recommend to be advised in following topics:

You would like to manage your personal data and your study certificates online?
You can find information at the Online Portal of the Studies-Service-Center (SSC) about:

  • How to independently change your personal information
  • How you can work with the e-learning platforms (OLAT)
  • How to electronically manage your study and exam credentials (study certificates, student account, generate new iTAN list, change address and certificates of your filed and registered exams)

In addition, you will find there:

  • A guide to exam registration
  • A guide to register your courses
  • To get started please visit:

You got a special concern, a complaint or are you looking for a confident?
At the Goethe University there are numerous clearing offices, such as confidents and ombudsmen for various topic.

This includes ombudsmen for students, who offer mediation in conflicts with teaching staff, or the equal opportunities office, where cases of discrimination can be reported as well as referred to qualified counseling centers.

For contact information see:
Clearing offices

In addition, you are welcome to contact the academic dean: 
Academic dean

Are you looking for information on barrier-free studying?
Students with a disability or illness-related limitations have access to comprehensive support services to ensure barrier-free studying.

In order to develop specific individual solutions a consultation is necessary. In addition to the contact details of the responsible contact person, you will find further sources of information on barrier-free studying:
Barrier-free studying

Do you have doubts about your studies, or are you afraid of the pressure? Do you feel helpless, overwhelmed or desperate?
There are several offers for psychological support as well as anonymous hotlines to help you to cope with the pressure of your studies:

Do you have questions how to balance your studies and your family?
There are offers for support and counseling of Goethe University and the Studentenwerk for studying as a parent.

You will find information here:

As an expectant mother, you should definitely seek advice from the Examination Office of the Department of Economics at the beginning of your pregnancy on the new statutory provisions on maternity protection:
Examination Office

Are you looking for legal advice to assist you in matters of study or tenancy?
At the Goethe-University Law Clinic, specially trained law students from Goethe University Frankfurt offer free legal advice on the following topics:

  • Residence
  • Migration and Social Law
  • Apply for social benefits

You will find more information at:
Goethe-Uni Law Clinic

The German Trade Union Confederation, in cooperation with the ASTA, is providing work and social law advice for students:
DGB Campusoffice

The association Mieter helfen Mietern e.V., in cooperation with the ASTA, offers tenancy law advice for students of Goethe University:
ASTA Mietrechtsberatung